The outbreak of coronavirus has taken a toll on the healthcare infrastructure of the countries across the world. This disease originated in the Chinese mainland, however, it ended up being spread in almost every possible country. The main countries which are affected by this deadly virus include the ones which are located in America, Europe and Asia. However, when it comes to Africa as one of those countries which are affected by this deadly disease, it is essential to understand the transmitting patterns and draw a similarity table when it comes to Ebola virus and Coronavirus. However, the common traits which are ideally discovered between the two is with respect to the level of destruction to the maximum possible extent. Therefore, what matters the most in such situations is to ensure that the people of Africa are always ready to counter more and more diseases. This is because of the history it has witnessed, wherein it was able to put up a tough front against the deadly viruses like Zika, jungle fever, and dengue. These diseases have affected the social and the economic condition of Africa. Therefore, owing to the heterogeneous nature of the transmission, it is advisable to draw a middle road and ensure that the people are diagnosed accordingly.