The pandemic of the COVID-19 has affected the lives of the people to the maximum possible extent. However, the worst of the people who have been affected by this virus are the ones who have been infected with the problems of the lungs. In a recent survey that was conducted in a population of 487 people, it was observed that 87 percent were most affected by the novel coronavirus. The reason behind such a huge proportion of the population being affected by the virus was that 92 percent of the people in the population of 87 percent was down with lung problems like asthma. This was able to reduce the efficiency of the lungs by 45 percent and hence, these people are becoming more and more skeptical of the increasing burden of the disease. This has technically increased the mortality rate of such patients by making them 52 percent more vulnerable to the infections in the present world. Therefore, one of the most important outlooks in this regard is to understand that the studies that have been conducted recently suggest lung transplantation as a way to solve this conundrum. However, this has not been so successful in curing the patients, rather it is known for increasing the risk for the, by 45 percent as highlighted by the studies.

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