COVID-19 infection may affect the individuals with many underlying conditions including skin diseases. This cross-sectional study was conducted to provide an overview regarding the prevalence of COVID-19 disease in the patients with several skin diseases. Overall, 703 patients with several skin diseases participated in the study and completed our online-designed questionnaire. Among the total participants, only 32(4.6%) subjects reported the COVID-19 infection. The prevalence rate was equal to 0.04%. In the patients with psoriasis, 14 out of 322 people (4.3%) developed the COVID-19. Three out of 159 patients (1.9%) with alopecia areata had been affected with the COVID-19 and 4 (5.2%) patients with vitiligo had caught the disease. Only one subject (2%) with the lichen planus, and 6 (6.8%) patients with other skin diseases had developed the COVID-19 but in the patients with GVHD (Graft Versus Host Disease), 4 (80%) out of 5 patients had caught the COVID-19 disease. The frequency of COVID-19 infection was low in the studied population however; more studies with larger sample size are needed to determine the exact prevalence of the infection in the patients with skin diseases undergoing the treatment with several systemic medications.
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