The whole world are facing the current COVID-19 pandemic, the most serious health crisis in modern times. All countries with the support of national and international agencies are making great efforts to fight this devastating pandemic with disastrous medical, economic and social consequences. Thispandemic affects allpeople but it’s serious in case ofdiabetes, elderly and inchronic andcomplicated diseases. The current work on the theme “COVID-19 and Diabetes” attempts to bring together all the data available at MENA level through medical and scientific publications. It also includes all the efforts made by the governments and the responses of associations and their efforts in this field. Even if it is admitted that diabetes with its comorbidity represents a high risk factor for severe forms and mortality, the health consequences of the epidemic, does not seem as dramatic in terms of both morbidity and mortality of COVID-19 with diabetes in the majority of MENA countries. If the crises continues longer, the supply of insulin, oral drugs, self monitoring equipment of diabetes and other tools, will beaffected. To this, we must expect great difficulties in supplying food for many countries. Certainely, it is important to remember that containment and hygiene measures, associated with other factors such as the young average age of the population, the higher temperature in these countries, the differences in the immune status of populations and the role of BCG vaccine have something to do with it. All of this deserves to be studied in depth.
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