We report COVID-19 presentation, course and outcomes in teriflunomide-treated MS patients in Argentina.
descriptive, retrospective, multicentre, study that included MS patients receiving teriflunomide who developed COVID-19, with clinical follow-up at reference MS centres, also listed in a nationwide registry.
Eighteen MS patients on teriflunomide treatment, from eight MS centres developed COVID-19. The mean age was 41,2 years and 72% of them were female; 94% had diagnosis of relapsing-remitting MS and 6% presented a radiologically isolated syndrome. Median EDSS was 2 (range 0-5.5). The average time on teriflunomide therapy was 3 years. COVID-19 diagnosis was confirmed with nasal swab in 61%. None required hospitalization and they completely recovered from the acute-phase within 7-14 days. All the patients continued their teriflunomide therapy during COVID-19 course. No MS relapses occurred during or after COVID-19 course.
Our report adds to the evidence that COVID-19 is mild in patients receiving teriflunomide therapy and that continuing with teriflunomide therapy during Sars-CoV-2 infection is safe and advisable for MS patients.

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