There has been a very dramatic effect of the novel coronavirus upon the mindsets of the people in the United Kingdom. This factor could be further proved by fact that the famous psychiatrists of that country conducted a sample survey of around 8700 people. 87 percent of these people were directly and indirectly infected by the novel coronavirus as compared to the remaining portion of the population which had not been infected by the deadly virus in any manner. It was observed that the people who were infected by the virus were facing through the menace of adverse effects on mental health. They were being prone to diseases like hypertension and schizophrenia. In addition, there was an effort made to question these people, wherein they admitted that the fear of the novel coronavirus has induced 10-20 percent of the population to commit suicide and at the same time, for the people who have been tested positive, were becoming more prone to the fear of social isolation. This could be viewed in around 80 percent of the patients who had been infected directly or indirectly with this menace. In addition, there was an effort to cure the mental health of the person in the best possible manner.

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