This novel coronavirus outbreak has affected the lives of millions of people. This infection has not only made them vulnerable physically, but at the same time has broken their confidence mentally. People who are being diagnosed in the hospitals have a constant fear of death hovering around them. They constantly feel being deprived of their mental space and liberty. When the person falls sick, in addition to the medicines, what works the most for him or her, is the love and care of his or her family. However, when it comes to the persons who are infected by this virus, they are kept aloof from their families and loved ones to prevent transmission. This no doubt, can play a vital role in checking the spread of the virus, however, it, by no stretch of imagination can ensure a speedy recovery to all those fighters. Therefore, it becomes a duty of the people of the world to unite with those infected souls. Despite being physically distanced, these people who are struggling for their lives should ensure that they are mentally together with the world at large. Love, care and support should pour from the different parts of the country, irrespective of any cast, color, creed, race, etc. This is how we can show that humanity is bigger than any fear. This is the value of a cup of coffee.