The Particulars: Research indicates that HIV incidence is increasing among youth. Although public health initiatives have targeted youth engagement into care, CD4 counts of youth with behaviorally acquired HIV (BHIV) entering care are not well known.

Data Breakdown: An investigation of 1,727 patients aged 12 to 24 with BHIV presenting for care between 2002 and 2010 found that the proportion entering care with CD4 counts of <350 cells/mm3 remained at about 40% annually throughout the study period. African Americans, Hispanics, males, and older youth were most likely to present with CD4 counts of <350 cells/mm3, whereas men who have sex with men were least likely.

Take Home Pearl: The percent of youth with BHIV who present for care with CD4 counts of <350 cells/mm3 appears to have remained stable between 2002 and 2010, despite public health efforts.