The study’s aims were to translate the Community Healthy Activities Model Program for Seniors (CHAMPS) questionnaire to Chinese and examine its psychometric properties. Adapting it for use in China involved forward translation, synthesis, back translation, expert review, and pretesting. A convenience sample of 201 Chinese older adults completed the Chinese version (CHAMPS-C) to evaluate its construct validity index and associations with physiological, psychosocial, and energy expenditure measures. The construct validity index of the CHAMPS-C was 0.95, and it had fair to moderate associations with physiological and psychosocial measures, other scales of physical activity, and accelerometer measurements. Our structured, stepwise process of cross-cultural adaptation produced a scale (i.e., CHAMPS-C), with items equivalent in meaning to the English version, for use with Chinese older adults. The findings of this study indicate that the CHAMPS-C has acceptable reliability and validity to assess the physical activity of older Chinese adults.