The outbreak of the novel coronavirus is playing a vital role in ensuring that the people are provided with the best possible care and hence, are able to put up a tough front against the viruses which persist in the world. Many patients in the United States of America are sharing socioeconomic characteristics. Therefore, in the end, what matters the most is conducting a survey in which it could be discovered as to what proportion of the population plays a determinative role in fighting the novel coronavirus by fighting against the disease available against the world at large. For this 1300 infected and non-infected patients were taken in the study and hence, they were selected in order to calculate the prevalence of the novel coronavirus in the disease by measuring their resistance to the same by ascertaining the presence of antibodies resent in their body. It was discovered that the people who were already infected with coronavirus had the potential of developing the antibodies in the plasma which might play an important role in assuring that the person is capable fo fighting the disease. The population which comprised of almost every race and tribe showcased that the elder people and the children were having an occurrence rate of 75 percent as against the working-age group due to the nonprevalence of immunity. However, for the patients who were not infected so far, did not have a trace of the novel coronavirus antibodies which were not in the position to fit against the diseases.

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