Despite the rapidly increasing population of older adults, little is currently known about sexual activity and sexual satisfaction among the oldest people.
The present study aimed to investigate sexual activity and sexual satisfaction among people of ≥60 years of age. We also examined whether sexual activity and sexual satisfaction were influenced by age, gender, cohabiting, socioeconomic factors, education, functional ability, and self-reported health.
We performed a descriptive analysis of self-stated sexual activity and sexual satisfaction among 1680 participants who were 60 years and older from the Swedish National Study on Aging and Care. Chi-square tests and logistic regression were used to analyze relationships between factors.
Sexual activity and sexual satisfaction.
Among participants aged ≥90 years, about 10% were sexually active. Within the total study population, 46% (654/1680) were sexually active. Overall, sexually activity was more commonly reported by men (55%) than women (40%). However, men in all age cohorts reported sexual dissatisfaction more commonly than women. In the total sample, 24% (246/1680) reported dissatisfaction with their sex life. Sexual activity and sexual satisfaction were positively associated with self-reported health and cohabitation.
The present results suggest that sexual activity is present throughout life. For persons older than 90 years, about 10% of participants were sexually active, regardless of gender. Every third man reported dissatisfaction with his sex life. Women were more satisfied with their sex lives than men, and this difference varies more widely among age cohorts. These findings confirm that it is important that health professional take sexuality into account during caring encounters with older persons. M Stentagg, L Skär, JS Berglund, et al. Cross-Sectional Study of Sexual Activity and Satisfaction Among Older Adult’s ≥60 Years of Age. Sex Med 2020;XX:XXX-XXX.