Cryptosporidium and cryptosporidiosis: the African perspective.

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Aldeyarbi HM, Abu El-Ezz NM, Karanis P,

Aldeyarbi HM, Abu El-Ezz NM, Karanis P, (click to view)

Aldeyarbi HM, Abu El-Ezz NM, Karanis P,


Environmental science and pollution research international 2016 4 29()


The present overview discusses the findings of cryptosporidiosis research conducted in Africa and highlights the currently available information on Cryptosporidium epidemiology, genetic diversity, and distribution on the African continent, particularly among vulnerable populations, including children. It also emphasizes the burden of cryptosporidiosis, which is underestimated due to the presence of many silent asymptomatic carriers.Cryptosporidiosis is recognized as one of the leading causes of childhood diarrhea in African countries. It has dramatic adverse effects on child growth and development and causes increased mortality on a continent where HIV, poverty, and lack of sanitation and infrastructure increase the risk of cryptosporidial waterborne infection.

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