Condyloma acuminata are a type of verrucous hyperplasia in the genital and perianal areas caused by human papilloma virus (HPV) infection. Traditional treatment methods for condyloma acuminata, such as topical medications, carbon dioxide (CO) laser, cryotherapy, and surgical excision, can be effective at removing warts, however, they do not eliminate subclinical and latent HPV infection, resulting in a high recurrence rate and even leaving trauma and scars. We report a case of condyloma acuminata covering the glans penis, considering our patient had a singular, large lesion, thus, to reduce the risk of recurrence and minimize the trauma caused by treatment, we chose ALA/photodynamic therapy (ALA-PDT). We provided eight rounds of ALA-PDT at a treatment interval of 7 days, the skin lesion disappeared completely, leaving a chapped, flushed glans without scarring. There was no recurrence during the 6-month follow-up period. Thus, we firmly believe that ALA-PDT is an effective, safe, and curative treatment, and is worth popularizing in clinical practice.
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