To evaluate the level of annual eye examination (AEE) and identify the associated factors among people with diabetes mellitus (DM).
A secondary data analysis was conducted using data from the Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (2016-2018). A total of 1,465 people with DM (726 men and 739 women) aged ≥ 40 years were included. The data were analyzed using a complex sample analysis considering a combined sampling weight of 3 years.
In total, 29.5% and 12.0% of men and 36.3% and 24.1% of women underwent AEE, and EE at the time of diagnosis of DM, respectively. The AEE rate in men was significantly higher in those who were high school graduates and above (OR = 1.98), current non-smokers (OR = 1.82), had ≥ 10-year duration of DM (OR = 1.75,), and insulin use (OR = 2.81), and those with a normal body mass index (OR = 1.68). For women, the AEE rate was significantly higher in those aged 40-64 years (OR = 1.76) and with ≥ 10-years duration of DM (OR = 1.91).
The AEE rate among people with DM is unsatisfactory and needs to be improved. Health education on the importance of AEE, and the application of a reminder or alarm system should be designed to promote AEE to the high-risk population showing lower levels of AEE, including those with a longer duration of DM.

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