AD is associated with many infectious and inflammatory cutaneous comorbidities, highlighting the relationship between AD severity and comorbidity prevalence, according to a study published in Dermatitis. Yael A. Lesham, MD, MCR, and colleagues examined the prevalence of cutaneous comorbidities associated with AD, including their relationship with AD severity via a retrospective, cross-sectional analysis among patients diagnosed with AD since 1998 with one or more recent (2013–2017) AD diagnoses. Cutaneous comorbidities in AD cases were compared with non-AD controls matched 1:1 on age, sex, and residential area. Among adults, comorbidities were compared across AD severity using multinomial logistic regression. The eligible population included 94,483 patients with mild (57.7%), moderate (36.2%), or severe (6.1%) AD, and 94,483 matched non-AD controls. Skin infections, inflammatory skin conditions, cutaneous manifestations of AD, and sweat gland disorders were more prevalent in patients with AD than in controls.