There have been many studies that have been conducted so far in order to measure the therapies which are helpful in protecting the people against unwanted diseases and at the same time, there have been efforts to control the spread of the deadly diseases which include cancer. There have been many new chemotherapies that have been developed all the way. A study was conducted in a population of 857 people in which 74 percent were the ones who were dependent on the latest geographies which made the use of the technique of mutation that helped curbing the growth of the existing abnormal cells by promoting the growth of the healthy cells by triggering a healthy mutation. However, the remaining 25 percent were the ones who were dependent on conventional chemotherapies. The conventional ones did not make any use of the mutation and hence, injected antigens to stop the growth of the abnormal cells. These antigens were given in the quantity of 5.4 mg/L and hence, were reported to leaving the side effects by damaging 54 percent of the functioning of the body. Therefore, there must be further research conducted in order to mitigate this issue in the minimum possible time and with the maximum advantage.

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