There are various attempts being made these days in order to cure the menace of tumors. In the dermoscopic diagnosis, the aim of the doctors is to prevent and curb the growth of abnormal cells in the best possible manner. In addition, various reports have shown that the deep neural network found beneath the skin is the predominant cause of the embedded growth in the people who suffer from cancer. The DNN was able to get trained with the help of the studies that were conducted featuring 589 patients. Nearly, 12,587 pictures were taken with respect to the internal image restructuring in the best possible manner. The performance of the dermatologists for skin tumors is usually aimed at the dermoscopic diagnostic. This is effective only with respect to a certain kind of skin type. The main requirement is that the skin was must not be filled with melanoma content and the ph level of the skin should be less than 0.5. In addition, the skin must also be having a sensitivity level of 0.982. This is the best skin type and hence, in such situations, care must be taken while conducting this experiment.

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