Mas related G-protein-coupled receptor member X2 (MrgX2) has been identified as the crucial receptor in drug induced pseudo-allergic reactions and allergic diseases. In this research, the first type of fluorescent agonists (ZX1, ZX2 and ZX3) for MrgX2 were developed by conjugating environment-sensitive fluorophore coumarin to MrgX2 selective agonists (R)-ZINC-3573. Their environment-sensitive property was confirmed by the dramatically increase of fluorescent intensity after binding to the hydrophobic ligand binding domain MrgX2, which help to overcome the high background signal. Based on these characteristics, they can be used for selective visualization of MrgX2 in living cells even with their own background interference. Among these fluorescent agonists, compound ZX2 possessed splendid spectroscopic properties, outstanding pharmacological activities (EC = 0.93 μM, K = 1.97 μM). And a competitive binding assay was established with ZX2 to analysis the binding affinity of MrgX2 agonists, which shown high coherence with the results of cell membrane chromatography. To our knowledge, these probes are the first fluorescent ligands of MrgX2 with agonistic activity and environment-sensitive property, which is expected to use for the development of MrgX2 molecular pharmacology and serve as a convenient high-throughput screening tool for the drug candidates targeting MrgX2.
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