Detection of asthma by a suitable biomarker is mandatory for the early identification, which helps in providing a right medication for the complete cure. Interleukins (ILs) have played a major role in asthma; in particular IL-8 is highly correlated with severe asthma. This research was focused on to detect IL-8 level by its partner antibody on a microgapped dual electrodes sensor. The sensing surface was modified into graphene oxide (GO), and an antibody was fixed by using the amine-aldehyde linker. GO enhanced the antibody immobilization and the consequence electric current flow upon interacting with IL-8. The detection limit of IL-8 was reached to 10 pg/mL in a linear range from 1 to 10,000 pg/mL with the regression of y = 0.7246x – 0.906 (R² = 0.9758); further, the sensitivity falls at 1 pg/mL. The surface does not show the antifouling effect with control antibody, and proteins, indicating the specific IL-8 detection. The detection of IL-8 helps in diagnosing and solving the related problems of asthmatic patients.
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