The invasive pulmonary aspergillosis can be in the position to complicate pneumonia in patients who are critically ill. This is particularly true for patients who are ill to the maximum possible extent.  Therefore, an attempt is made to understand the fatal illness of bronchial mucosa. This is known for facilitating the invasion of aspergillus species and hence, compromised host defenses to aspergillus. There is a huge amount of association that is able to exist between Aspergillus species and compromised host defenses. Therefore, in order to understand the relation between these two variables in the light of COVID-19, the population was taken and hence, the people numbered around 1500. It was discovered that there is a positive correlation between these two variables and hence, the medium range which is technically hatched by both of them lies in the range of 0.23-0.89. This is an ideal range which is present for both of the variables even in the prevalence of COVID-19. The clinical AspICU can be used to distinguish between the two variables of IPA and colonized ill patients. Therefore, the need for the research was extreme and hence, it was capable enough of answering this question.

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