Obesity within the USA is a public health crisis. Nutrition counselling in primary care is an effective yet underutilized intervention because of both health care professional (HCP) barriers and patient barriers. The purpose of this study was to: (i) identify HCP and patient perceptions, needs and barriers surrounding nutrition counselling, (ii) develop nutrition resources for HCPs and patients and (iii) assess utility of the approach.

Paper surveys were completed by 48 HCPs (response rate: 63.2%) and 185 patients in five family medicine clinics. Based on results, nutrition resources were developed and integrated into the electronic medical record. To assess utility, paper surveys were completed by 25 HCPs (response rate: 32.9%) after 4 weeks. Results were presented as descriptive statistics. Both HCPs and patients indicated that nutrition counselling is necessary to improve dietary behaviours, but barriers prevented HCPs from providing counselling and patients from improving dietary behaviours. HCPs indicated that improved patient handouts (74.5%), community nutrition classes (72.3%) and community cooking classes (63.8%) could enhance nutrition counselling. Patients identified that coupons and discounts (45.5%), sample meal plans and recipes (44.3%) and websites for recipes, grocery guides, and cooking videos (35.9%) would help them to consume a healthy diet. Patient education handouts, patient resource guides and HCP education were created. Following receipt, most HCPs (85%) indicated that the resources enhanced their nutrition counselling.

Reference link-https://academic.oup.com/fampra/article/38/1/32/5816878