The purpose of this article is to provide a modern perspective on the diagnosis of endometriosis with particular attention to the role of ultrasound examination. In the present study, we highlight the problem of endometriosis in teenage girls and discuss the patients’ perspective on the diagnostic process.
In order to present the most recent reports on the diagnosis of endometriosis, the PubMed database was searched. Articles published within the last 3 years (2019-2021) and those considered relevant during the bibliographic review were analyzed.
The role of ultrasound examination and assessment of patients’ perspective related to delayed and incorrect diagnosis were considered to be the most important in the recent reports. Attention was also paid to the problem of endometriosis diagnosis in adolescent girls.
Appropriately constructed and used questionnaires help to determine the risk of endometriosis in a particular patient. The primary method for diagnosis is extended ultrasound examination, which should be performed especially in patients with a high risk of developing the disease. This procedure is applicable to both adult and adolescent women. Awareness of the possibility of developing the disease in a particular patient, combined with appropriate use of ultrasound examination, can contribute to the decrease in diagnostic delay.

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