Adult patients with AD are receptive to, and can benefit from, a digitally delivered, targeted treatment intervention, according to a study in Dermatology and Therapy. Jonathan I. Silverberg, MD, and colleagues assessed the clinical efficacy of a digital program designed for patients with AD, recruiting patients with mild-to-severe AD for a 6-week investigation. Patients accessed the intervention through a mobile app that included lifestyle coaching, treatment reminders, symptom and trigger education, and healthy lifestyle support. Among 95.2% of patients who completed the program, 44% and 46% reported improvements in clinical symptoms and self-reported global severity, respectively. Participants also experienced a 41% improvement in HRQOL (P<0.001 for all measures). From pre- to post-intervention, preventive measures and treatment adherence improved, including avoidance of triggers, skin care, and diseaserelated knowledge.