The aim of this study is To decide conceivable danger factors for unplanned nephrostomy tube dislodgement and think about two distinctive cylinder types in this setting in patients with constant catheters. We led a review investigation of long haul patients with nephrostomy tube. We played out a near investigation, examining the potential factors that were identified with catheter dislodgement. What’s more, a subanalysis was likewise done contrasting distinctive catheter plans (Pigtail and Foley) in the event that this could be identified with the dislodgement. Likewise, the mean (in days) until nephrostomy tube dislodgement in situations where this happened was 20.32 ± 3.52 for braid and 60.92 ± 5.15 for Foley (p < 0.01 in Kaplan–Meier’s test). Nephrostomy tube dislodging in long haul patients is a typical issue. A few variables related with the catheter could build the danger of compulsory removal, for example, being a first occasion or being embedded by less experienced inhabitant specialists. Moreover, ponytail type nephrostomies incline toward incidental dislodgement sooner than Foley ones.

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