The children these days suffer from so many problems that the people are not able to treat them well. This is because of the reason that the people are so busy in their lives that they have no time left for their children. Therefore, what matters most for them is to ensure that the children are given upbringing with the best possible care and attention. In the absence, of the required care and attention, the children are becoming more vulnerable to the health hazards which include mental illness like disruptive mood disorders. There have been various studies conducted to establish the correlation between these two factors. Therefore, the results have highlighted that there is an almost 30 percent link between these two variables. This is because of the reason that lack of care causes irritation amongst young minds to such an extent that their tolerance level decreases to the maximum possible extent. There are variously reported outbursts concerning one or the other cause. Therefore, they have to be treated in a lovable manner so as to ensure that the people are provided with scope to bring their kids in the best possible manner.

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