For a study, researchers sought to look at results in patients with blockage not falling into traditional subtypes who went through redirecting circle ileostomy creation as the underlying careful mediation. Their auxiliary point was to offer patients colectomy and anastomosis and analyze their results, assuming they worked after ileostomy. The review configuration was a review survey. The study was led on the pelvic floor focus of our colorectal medical procedure division from January 2006 to December 2018. Patients with medicinally recalcitrant blockage alluded for careful thought and not falling into traditional stoppage classes (slow transit, normal transit, or pelvic floor dysfunction) went through an assessment with travel marker review cinedefecography, and anal physiology and were offered ileostomy as initial surgical management. The essential measures were side effect improvement and self-detailed personal satisfaction improvement with expanded patient fulfillment. About 87 patients went through redirecting circle ileostomy as initial careful treatment. Group 1 had 54 (62%) patients who self-revealed side effect improvement, stopped anti-constipation medicine, and had ileostomy yield more than 200 mL/day. Of these 54 patients, 25 had colectomy with anastomosis, 16 (64%) of whom had side effect improvement, remained off the gut drug, and had more than 1 bowel movement daily. After starting ileostomy, bunch 2 had 33 patients who didn’t meet the above standards. About 9 patients in group 2 chose colectomy with an anastomosis after escalated advising; 6 (66%) detailed similar positive outcomes above. The review constraints included: no true result proportions of patient’s apparent side effect improvement and fulfillment and review audit. The initial formation of redirecting circle ileostomy might be proposed for a subset of headstrong blockage patients not falling into old-style classifications after careful workup. Patients who self-reporting side effect improvement, have ileostomy yielding more than 200 mL/day, and didn’t need inside medicine might have satisfactory outcomes with resulting colectomy and ileorectal anastomosis.