Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric illness that strikes between mania and depression, caused by both genetic and environmental factors. It is the sixth leading cause of disability worldwide and 3% of the global population suffers from this disorder. Focusing on the drugs used for psychotherapy and their associated side effects, there is a need to design and develop new anti-bipolar drugs with lesser side effects and improved efficacy. Molecular docking and pharmacophore modeling were performed to identify lead and the construction of pharmacophore triangle. One compound demonstrated best docking results that fit appropriately in the pocket of protein. In this study, an efficient compound for GSK-3B involved in bipolar disorder was identified through docking analysis. Distances were calculated among pharmacophore features like Aromatic Ring, Hydrophobic, HBD and HBA. Pharmacophore triangle was designed for three different classes that are Aromatic, HBD and HBA. This pharmacophore modeling can be useful for designing of novel drugs because this 3D pharmacophore showed best merging properties.