Ks has been described as the coincidental occurrence of acute coronary syndromes during an allergic reaction with cardiac anaphylaxis. It is caused by inflammatory mediators released after exposure to drugs, food, environmental and other triggers. Oxidative stress occurring in various inflammatory disorders causes molecular damage with the production of AOPPs and AGEs. This study was done with the purpose to explore the role of oxidative stress in the development of drug-induced Kounic syndrome.

This study was done by evaluating the markers of oxidative stress in a patient who had experienced KS after antibiotic administration. All the efforts were made in order to investigate the possible role of these molecules in KS. No data, up to now, are available on biomarkers of oxidative stress in patients with drug-induced KS. Therefore this study is of significant importance on the subject matter.

The study concluded through its findings that the AOPPs, but not AGEs, were significantly increased in the KS affected patient compared to controls as already reported in mastocytosis affected patients. These findings can be of clinical importance however further exploration of the phenomenon is required.

Reference: https://clinicalmolecularallergy.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12948-018-0099-2