The aim of this study was to assess the possibility of using the DT56a for the therapy of acute climacteric syndrome in women in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
Prospective interventional unblinded study.
A sample of 453 women with symptoms of acute climacteric syndrome took 644 mg of soybeans´ phyotestrogenes DT56a in the period of 4 weeks. In course of the therapy, the total number of hot flushes decreased by 48 %, and the intensity decreased by 35 % (p < 0.01). In 85 % of women, the quantity or intensity of hot flushes decreased. Sleep quality increased in 65 % of women, headaches improved or significantly improved in 51 % of women, muscle aches and joint pains decreased by 40 %. Life quality improved in 72 % of women.
DT56a is a possible alternative for the treatment of acute climacteric syndrome. In the Central European population, the efficacy of a daily dose of 644 mg corresponds with the effects observed in the Mediterranean population (Tab. 2, Fig. 3, Ref. 21). Text in PDF www.elis.skKEY WORDS: DT56a, climacteric syndrome, menopause, non-hormonal treatment.