The extradural neural axis compartment (EDNAC) is an adipovenous zone between the meningeal (ML) and endosteal (EL) layers of the dura mater that has received little attention in the jugular foramen (JF). The authors of this study wanted to look at the detailed architecture of the EDNAC within the JF and see if it might be used as a component for JF compartmentalization. In this study, a total of 46 cadaveric heads (31 male, 15 female; ages 54–96) and 30 dry skulls were investigated. Twelve of the 46 cadaveric skulls were plastinated and studied using stereomicroscopy and confocal microscopy as a series of transverse (7 sets), coronal (3 sets), and sagittal (2 sets) slices. In 34 cadaveric skulls, the dural entrance sites of the JF cranial nerves were recorded. The JF was split into preforaminal, intraforamininal, and subforaminate segments based on consistent osseous features. The “EDNAC” section of the joint (JF) at the anterior foramen was defined by the ML-derived fascial sheath that ran along the anteromedial wall of the IJV. The intraforuminal section was not surrounded with EDNAC. The findings of this study will help to improve anatomical knowledge of the JF region, improve understanding of foraminal tumour growth and spread patterns, and make surgical intervention planning and execution easier.

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