The experiment was conducted to study the effect of feeding diets with quality protein maize (QPM) along with cottonseed meal (CSM) and guar meal (GM) on nutrient utilization, body weight (BW) gain (BWG), feed efficiency, and antioxidant status in broiler chickens. The biological trial was conducted on day-old broiler chicks (n = 240), which were randomly distributed into 6 dietary groups having 8 replicates with 5 chicks. Six experimental diets were formulated to contain maize (diet I), QPM (diet II), maize+CSM80 g/kg + GM40 g/kg (diet III), maize + CSM120 g/kg + GM60 g/kg (diet IV), QPM+CSM80 g/kg + GM40 g/kg (diet V), and QPM+CSM120 g/kg + GM60g/kg (diet VI). The BWG and feed intake were recorded at weekly intervals. Supplementation of CSM and GM along with QPM or maize depressed (P < 0.05) BWG, feed conversion ratio, and slaughter variables in commercial broilers. Improvement of BWG and breast weight was recorded among the groups supplemented 80 g/kg CSM and 40 g/kg GM with a QPM-based diet compared with those groups fed 120 g/kg CSM and 60 g/kg GM with maize or QPM. The energy and protein utilization decreased among the groups supplemented CSM and GM. However, protein and energy utilization was increased (P < 0.05) among the groups fed QPM-based diets compared with those groups fed CSM and GM with maize or QPM. Therefore, it has been concluded that the performance and other parameters did not differ between the groups fed maize- and QPM-based diets in the present experiment. However, QPM with CSM and GM improved the performance, slaughter parameters, and nutrient utilization over CSM and GM with maize.