Effect of Hospital Volume on Success of Thumb Replantation.

Effect of Hospital Volume on Success of Thumb Replantation.
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Mahmoudi E, Chung KC,

Mahmoudi E, Chung KC, (click to view)

Mahmoudi E, Chung KC,


The Journal of hand surgery 2016 12 2442(2) 96-103.e5 pii S0363-5023(16)31000-0
Hospital volume-outcome association has been examined for many high-risk surgical procedures. Little is known about this association for thumb replantation, a complex but essential surgical procedure to restore hand function. We aimed to determine patient and hospital characteristics that are associated with increased probability of replanted thumb survival and to examine volume-outcome association among hospitals that performed thumb replantation.

We used data from 2008 to 2012 from the National Trauma Data Bank. Our sample included 773 patients who underwent thumb replantation procedures in 1 of 180 hospitals during the study period. We used patient-level logistic models to examine the association between a hospital’s annual thumb replantation volume and the probability of survival for the replanted thumb.

Patients with drug/alcohol abuse record, and higher numbers of comorbid conditions had lower odds of replant success. Treatment in teaching hospitals and hospitals with a higher volume of thumb replantation increased the odds of replant survival. The risk-adjusted replantation success rate in high-volume hospitals was 12% higher than in low-volume hospitals.

Regionalization of digit replantation procedures to high-volume centers can achieve the highest rate of successful revascularization.

Economic/Decision Analysis II.

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