To demonstrate the equivalence of Normal Saline (NS) and Ringer Lactate (RL) for change in serum sodium levels during correction of severe dehydration in children with acute diarrhea based on World Health Organization (WHO) plan C.
Equivalence randomized control trial.
Pediatric diarrhea unit of a tertiary care hospital from May, 2016 to April, 2017.
72 children of 1-12 years with acute diarrhea and severe dehydration were enrolled. Children with dysentery, severe acute malnutrition, severe anemia, meningitis, and known surgical and systemic diseases were excluded.
RL (n=36) or NS (n=36) were used as per WHO plan C. Blood samples were drawn before intravenous fluid correction and 3 h post-intervention.
Mean change in serum sodium level from the baseline between the RL and NS groups.
70 children (35 in each group) completed the study. The difference in mean serum sodium levels from baseline in RL and NS groups were 1.4 (4.5) mEq/L and 2.1(4.9) mEq/L, respectively (P=0.58).
Both RL and NS are equivalent in terms of change in serum sodium from baseline for intravenous rehydration in children with acute diarrhea and severe dehydration.