SlowMo is a blended digital therapy that helps treat the symptoms of paranoia, a common symptom in patients with psychosis. While some studies have confirmed the effectiveness of SlowMo on paranoia, more research on the subject is required. This study aims to investigate the effects of SlowMo on paranoia in patients with psychosis.

This randomized, parallel-arm trial included a total of 361 participants who were suffering from a schizophrenia-spectrum psychosis and distressing with persistent paranoia. The included participants were randomly assigned in a 1:1 ratio to SlowMo plus usual care or usual care only. The primary outcome of the study was paranoia at 24 weeks.

Among 145 participants who completed the therapy in the SlowMo group, the findings showed that SlowMo plus usual care was not associated with a higher reduction in paranoia symptoms compared to usual care alone. However, there were substantial effects on secondary paranoia outcomes, including GPTS score, Part A score, and Part B score. Jumping to conclusions resulted in no significant effects and worry and improved flexibility mediated paranoia change.

The research concluded that SlowMo was not associated with statistically significant improvements in symptoms of paranoia in patients with psychosis at 12 or 24 weeks.