There is no concrete evidence on the effect of UU (Ureaplasma urealyticum) infection and asymptomatic leukocytospermia on the semen parameters. This study aims to understand the effect and determine whether it is imperative to screen and treat the infection.

The study covered 1530 males who visited to treat infertility at Guilin People’s Hospital. Among those, 295 had asymptomatic leukocytospermia, and 95 had UU positive. 81 of those patients received a 14-day plan with doxycycline or a 7-day regime. Among those, 70 got cured. The non-leukocytospermia, UU positive, UU negative, and leukocytospermia cases’ semen parameters were compared before the treatment and one month after the treatment.

The sperm concentration, normal morphology and progressive motility of patients with leukocytospermia were lower than those without the condition. The progression motility, normal morphology and total motility were lower in UU positive than UU negative patients. UU cure rate of subjects with a 7-day regime was 84.62% and 89.44% in patients with a 14-day plan. The progressive motility, sperm concentration, and normal morphology increased in UU positive patients after one month from the treatment.

It is important to treat UU infection in patients with asymptomatic leukocytospermia to improve sperm quality. It is best to choose a 7-day regime, wherever appropriate.