The pandemic has been caused by the sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus has created havoc in the present medical industry. This is because of the sole reason that the vaccine for curing this vaccine is not available. Therefore, a reorganization is required for curing the existing diseases which are present such as the deadly disease of cancer. Therefore, one of the most important considerations which should be laid at this point in time is basically the fact that these people are able to unite against this virus by physically distancing them from each other. Therefore, the nation is trying to give the maximum guidelines for ensuring the well being of cancer patients. An attempt is being made to avoid their day to day visits to the hospitals and ensuring that the people are able to protect themselves from this virus to the maximum possible extent. Therefore, what matters the most for them is basically the fact that these people should be advised to stay at home. This will be playing an effective role in ensuring that their health does not worsen.

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