To study the effectivenss of lower extremity Dellon triple nerve decompression in the treatment of early-stage diabetic Charcot foot.
The clinical data of 24 patients with Eichenholtz stage 0-1 diabetic Charcot foot who were admitted between September 2017 and February 2019 were retrospectively analyzed. Among them, 14 cases were treated with lower extremity Dellon triple nerve decompression (treatment group), and 10 cases were treated with conservative treatment such as immobilization the affected limbs and nutritional nerve drugs (control group). There was no significant difference between the two groups ( >0.05) in gender, age, diabetes duration, diabetic foot duration, Eichenholtz stage, and the blood glucose level, bone mineral density (T value), nerve conduction velocity, and two-point discrimination before treatment. Before treatment and at 6 months after treatment, bone mineral density (T value) was measured by dual energy X-ray absorptiometry to evaluate the improvement of osteoporosis. The electromyogram of the lower limbs was used to detect the conduction velocity of the common peroneal nerve, deep peroneal nerve, and tibial nerve, and to evaluate the recovery of nerve function. The two-point discrimination in plantar region was used to evaluate the recovery of skin sensation.
Both groups were followed up 6-12 months, with an average of 6.5 months. In the treatment group, 3 patients showed numbness around the incisions, all recovered after 12 months, without affecting the prognosis; all the incisions healed by first intention, and there was no complication such as incision infection, nonunion, or vascular and nerve injury. At 6 months after treatment, there was no significant difference in nerve conduction velocity, bone mineral density (T value), and two-point discrimination when compared with the values before treatment ( >0.05) in the control group; but the above indicators in the treatment group were significantly improved when compared with preoperative ones, and were all significantly better than those in control group ( <0.05).
Lower extremity Dellon triple nerve decompression can improve the symptoms of Eichenholtz stage 0-1 diabetes Charcot foot, and has the advantages of less trauma, faster recovery, and fewer complications.