This study was planned to determine the effect of art-based mandala intervention on the distress and anxiety experienced by cancer patients.
This semi-experimental study with a single group pretest-posttest design was performed with 12 breast cancer survival patients. The data were collected through “Patient Diagnostic Form”, “Distress Thermometer”, “Trait Anxiety Inventory”. Patients participated in the “Art-Based Mandala Interventıon” for eight weeks, one day a week, 2 h each. The distress and anxiety levels of the patients were measured before starting the program and at the end of the program.
Cancer patients experienced moderate level of anxiety (50.66 ± 6.91) and clinically significant distress (4.08 ± 2.74). Anxiety scores of cancer patients decreased significantly after the program compared to before the program (p  0.05).
After the art-based mandala intervention program, anxiety scores of breast cancer survival patients decreased, and distress scores increased.