Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) is a disease accompanied by severe facial pain, which seriously affects the daily life of patients. Acupuncture is widely used by Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors to treat various painful diseases. Acupuncture combined with the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia can increase the analgesic effect and reduce side effects. However, there is still a lack of more quality multi-center clinical controlled trials and comprehensive meta-analysis, and a lack of more comprehensive and stronger evidence-based medical evidence.
The 2 reviewers used the same search strategy to search CNKI, PubMed, Web of Science, Cochrane Library, Scopus, EBSCO, and the search date is until July 19, 2020. Two people read the retrieved literatures independently, and then delete duplications. Then, use the “risk of bias” tool in Cochrane Handbook 5.2 to score. Only documents with a score greater than 5 can be included. Make a table of literature characteristics, extract baseline patient data, research methods and possible risks of bias in the literature, interventions in treatment and control groups, outcome evaluation indicators (BNI, VAS, ER and AE), and research funding support. Use Review Manager 5.3.5 for meta-analysis, use Stata 15 for regression analysis to find the source of heterogeneity, and then perform subgroup analysis to resolve the heterogeneity based on the corresponding source.
The analysis of BNI, VAS, ER and AE data can provide high-quality evidence for high-quality synthesis and/or descriptive analysis of the effectiveness and safety of acupuncture treatment of various causes of urinary retention.
This study can provide more comprehensive and strong evidence to prove whether acupuncture is effective and safe in the treatment of TN patients.
The research has been registered and approved on the PROSPERO website. The registration number is CRD42019119606.