Many studies have been conducted so far in order to measure the amount and the content of impetigo herpetiformis in the patients who have been diagnosed with the deadly disease of skin cancer. This is because of the reason that this is known for causing an aggravated form of the disease and hence, this is a rare pustular dermatosis and hence, this disease can be life-threatening both for the mother and the child. The studies were conducted using the population size of 754 patients and it was observed and 47 percent of the pregnant women therein was suffering from skin cancer. This was observed that these cases of alpha cells were in the proportion of 85 million parts per cell and hence, this was able to deteriorate further the condition of the patients by 74 percent. The melanoma content was bound to increase to the negative reactions. There have been reported cases in which the serum level was able to drop below 1 mg/L and hence, an attempt was made to assure that safe for both the mother and fetuses in the best possible manner.

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