Hemostasis plays an important role in safe brain tumor resection and also reduces the risk for surgical complications. This study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of FLOSEAL, a topical hemostatic agent that contains thrombin and gelatin granules, in brain tumor resections.
We evaluated the hemostatic effect of FLOSEAL by scoring the intensity of bleeding from 1 (mild) to 4 (life threatening). We assessed the rate of success of hemostasis with 100 patients who underwent intracranial tumor resection. We also investigated the duration of the operation, the amount of intra- and postoperative bleeding, the number of hospital stays, and adverse events in patients who used FLOSEAL compared with those who did not use FLOSEAL.
FLOSEAL was applied to a total of 109 bleeding areas in 100 patients. A total of 95 bleeding areas had a score of 1 and 91 (96%) showed successful hemostasis. Thirteen bleeding areas scored 2 and 8 (62%) showed hemostasis with the first application of FLOSEAL. The second application was attempted with five bleeding areas and four showed hemostasis. About 94% (103/109 areas) of bleeding points successfully achieved hemostasis by FLOSEAL. Moreover, FLOSEAL significantly decreased the amount of intraoperative bleeding and postoperative bleeding as assessed with computed tomography on 1 day postoperatively compared with no use of FLOSEAL. There were no adverse events related to FLOSEAL use.
Our results indicate that FLOSEAL is a reliable, convenient, and safe topical hemostatic agent for intracranial tumor resection.

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