This study states that The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a transitory break in all elective, nonemergent surgeries in the United States. Following the revelation of COVID-19 as a public crisis by the White House on March 13, 20201 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the American Urological Association delivered proposals for medical care offices and careful practices to “[delay] every single elective medical procedure, insignificant clinical, careful, and dental procedures.”

Notwithstanding these authority suggestions, an assortment of variables, including media inclusion, watchfulness of COVID-19 openness in a medical care setting and occasional patterns, may impact public interest in and interest for elective surgeries. Google Trends is a grounded device for measuring both long haul and transient varieties in broad daylight interest in regards to medical care needs, giving close to constant updates to moving terms went into the Google search engine.4 GT is a free, natural asset through which urological specialists may screen public interest in urological techniques during the COVID-19 pandemic,5,6 especially as certain states continue with stage I reopenings.7 At present both the gauge, pre-pandemic public interest relating to elective urological strategies and the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on open revenue in elective urological systems stay obscure.

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