Breast cancer is one of lethal cancers among women with its metastasis leading to cancer-related morbidity and mortality. Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) derived from a primary tumor can be detected in the venous blood of cancer patients. Monitoring CTCs in blood samples has increased exponentially over the past decades and holds great promise in the diagnosis and treatment of metastatic breast cancer. Electrochemical cytosensors, classified as a class of electrochemical biosensors for sensitive detection and enumeration of targeted cells with minimally invasive methods, have the advantages of electrochemical biosensors, such as simplicity, low cost, and low limit of detection. Here, we review recent progress in the detection of CTCs from breast cancer with a focus on electrochemical cytosensors. This review describes platforms benefiting from these cytosensors to identify cancerous breast cells. Furthermore, strategies for signal amplification and also generation of reusable electrochemical cytosensors are introduced. In addition, breast cancer markers and biorecognition elements for cell capturing are reviewed.
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