The most important consideration for the present times is to ensure the quality of life of the people to the maximum possible extent. This was because of the sole reason that people have become busy in their lifestyles to such an extent that the term well-being includes not only physical well-being but also emotional and mental well-being. For ensuring the same in the patients, there are efforts made to collate the data regarding the patient-reported outcome measures, which helps the world to know at a larger platform that to how much extent their quality of life is being maintained. This is probably without any sort of physician bias. This is done for the reason of ensuring that the patients remain happy for the maximum time. The happier they will be, the more will be the chances of their survival post the cancer treatment. A similar study was conducted by the Royal College of Radiologists and Macmillan Cancer Support. The primary aim was to find a solution using which the patient-reported outcome measures could be collected automatically post the chemotherapy sessions. Therefore, this will be an effective tool in enhancing the utility of the after-effects of chemotherapy sessions.

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