This study states that The viability of endovascular treatment for popliteal blood vessel injury has not been very much reported. This examination was planned to explore the midterm results of endovascular fix of awful detached popliteal blood vessel injury. 

Clinical records of the patients who went through endovascular fix for awful popliteal blood vessel wounds from January 2012 to February 2020 were inspected reflectively. Clinical information including patient socioeconomics, Injury Severity Score, sort of injury, grouping of intense appendage ischemia, corresponding limit break, overflow vessel status, complexities, season of endovascular methodology, time span from injury to blood stream reclamation, length of clinic stay, reintervention, and follow-up were gathered and examined. 

Therefore we conclude that Endovascular fix was acted in 46 patients with horrendous popliteal blood vessel wounds. The mean Injury Severity Score was 15.8 ± 6.2. The general appendage rescue rate was 89.1%. There were 10 infiltrating and 36 gruff wounds (78.3%). The underlying angiographic discoveries uncovered impediment in 34 patients.

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