The following study states that the Carotid conduit aneurysms and pseudoaneurysms (extracranial carotid corridor aneurysm [ECCAs]) are somewhat uncommon. The best quality level treatment has truly been open fix; notwithstanding, there is expanding proof of fruitful treatment of ECCAs with endovascular procedures. Our investigation looks at the advancing involvement in endovascular the board of ECCAs at a tertiary consideration place. 

We played out a review investigation of patients with ECCAs who went through endovascular mediations at a solitary establishment from 2010 to 2020. With expanding experience, the methods advanced from covered stents to stent-helped loop embolization lastly to plaited stents and covering shut cell stents. 

There were 18 ECCAs in 17 patients treated with endovascular modalities. The normal age was 65.9 years. There were 11 guys (64.7%). Seven aneurysms (38.9%) were indicative: three patients had easy pulsatile masses, three patients had difficult pulsatile masses, and one had transient ischemia assaults.

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