Studies report that patients with acute abdominal pain do not always receive optimal care and can experience poor pain management, safety failures, and emotional harm. Deeper understanding of how health professionals experience care delivery is needed to improve care to patients with acute abdominal pain.
To explore, from the perspective of registered nurses and physicians, how care is provided for patients with acute abdominal pain in the acute care chain, and to identify barriers that they describe in the delivery of care.
Registered nurses and physicians (n = 19) working in ambulance services, emergency departments, and surgical departments at five hospitals in Sweden were interviewed. A content analysis was performed.
Five categories were identified; interaction: a decisive moment, competence and resources: not always available, guidelines: limited use, medical care: a main focus, and feedback and collaboration: limited across acute care chain.
This study adds new insights relating to how health professionals reflect on patient needs and obstacles to satisfying them. To deliver high quality care and meet patients’ fundamental needs, there is a need of general guidelines and close collaboration in the acute care chain.

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