This review explains how Effective diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) care has been stymied by a lack of input from patients and caregivers, reducing treatment adherence and overall quality of care. Our objectives were to capture the patient and caregiver perspectives on experiencing a DFU and to improve prioritization of patient-centered outcomes.


Therefore it has been stated that A DFU-related stakeholder group was formed at an urban tertiary care center. Seven group meetings were held across 4 months, each lasting ∼1 hour. The meeting facilitator used semistructured questions to guide each discussion. The topics assessed the challenges of the current DFU care system and identified the outcomes most important to stakeholders. The meetings were audio recorded and transcribed. Directed and conventional content analyses were used to identify key themes.

Hence we conclude that Six patients with diabetes (five with an active DFU), 3 family caregivers, and 1 Wound Clinic staff member participated in the stakeholder group meetings. The mean patient age was 61 years, four (67%) were women, five (83%) were either African American.

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