This study states that We tested the outcomes with the use of the enhanced recovery after surgery protocol in patients who had undergone open abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) repair (enhanced recovery after vascular surgery [ERAVS] protocol). We compared them with those obtained for patients who had undergone endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) and for a historical control group of standard open AAA repair in a prospective, single-center pilot study.

From June to December 2019, all patients who were candidates for open AAA repair at our department were enrolled in the ERAVS protocol (ERAVS group; 17 patients). During the same period, 18 patients had undergone EVAR (EVAR group). The historical control group of standard open AAA repair included 32 patients who had undergone surgery during the 6 months before the study period (standard protocol open repair [OR] group). The three groups were compared on an “on-treatment” basis (prospectively for the ERAVS and EVAR groups and retrospectively for the OR group) in terms of the time to discharge (TTD), interval to the resumption of oral intake, time to ambulation, resumption of bowel function, and postoperative pain. Comparisons were performed using the one-way analysis of variance test, Tukey post hoc test for quantitative data, and χ2 test for qualitative data.

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