The following study states that The parts for aggravation and autoimmunity in AAAs were proposed by Beckman,2 Koch et al,3 Brophy et al,4 and Tilson et al.5 It was known in the mid 1990s that lattice metalloproteinases (MMPs) are significant arbiters of aortic annihilation in AAAs.6 The sub-antimicrobial doxycycline was known to be a MMP inhibitor, and it had been supported for clinical use in periodontal sickness. Likewise, there was a solid levelheaded for proposing doxycycline for clinical preliminary as a clinical treatment for AAA. 

EGCG had likewise been discovered to be an inhibitor of MMP-2 got from neoplastic cells. We found that EGCG decreased the action of MMP-2 from refined AAA fibroblasts in vitro by half at a portion of 1.25 μg/μL.7 Further in vivo contemplates showed that EGCG diminished aortic expansion in the calcium chloride8 and angiotensin II-induced9 mouse models. 

Thirteen randomized clinical preliminaries have covered medication treatments for AAAs in human subjects.10 However, none of the treatments has been viable. More exertion is obviously shown. Drug organizations have had little interest in commercializing accessible normal items. Nutraceutical specialists are loaded in pharmacies with nutrients. It’s anything but an eleemosynary element to sort out a legitimate clinical preliminary. Consequently, we may never know whether EGCG is viable.

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